Archery Ireland Code of Conduct

  1. Recruitment and appointment of Volunteers and Sports Leaders

    Sports Leaders are defined as all adults involved in children’s sport.

    The Irish Amateur Archery Association will take all reasonable steps to ensure that people working with young people in archery are suitable and appropriately qualified. Assessment procedures are therefore necessary and these procedures shall apply to all persons, paid or unpaid, with substantial access to young people.

    Leaders will be expected to go through appropriate recruitment and selection procedures which shall include the Garda vetting of the applicant.

    Before recruitment, terms of reference should be drawn up and these should clearly state:

    • the responsibilities of the role,
    • the level of experience or qualifications required,
    • The Irish Amateur Archery Association’s commitment to the ‘Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport’.

    Potential Leaders must complete an application form. References will be required and will be checked.

    There will be a “sign-up” procedure, whereby the appointed or reappointed Leader must agree to abide by the “Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport” and to the policies, rules and constitution of the Irish Amateur Archery Association.

    A decision to appoint an Archery Leader is the responsibility of the club, or the Irish Amateur Archery Association, and not of any one individual within it.

    The club or Association committee shall be expected to ratify all recommendations for appointment.

    When storing information in relation to an application, all information shall be treated as sensitive and confidential. It will be kept in a secure place that is only accessible to nominated officers.