Archery Ireland Code of Conduct

  1. Travelling with Children

    Guidelines and regulations for Coaches, Selectors, Managers and Authorised Volunteers.

    The Irish Amateur Archery Association recognises the extra responsibilities taken on by coaches, selectors, managers and authorised volunteers when travelling with children to archery events. This responsibility is even more onerous when overnight stays are involved.

    Avoid being alone with one player (e.g. travelling to a venue or consulting, training or advising in closed off room). If necessary leave the door open and be in earshot of others.

    Avoid unnecessary physical contact.

    Remember casual comment can be open to misconstruction.

  2. Cars used to transport players or teams

    Those who use their own vehicles to transport players must:

    • ensure that they have adequate insurance cover and be careful not to carry more than the permitted number of passengers.
    • ensure they follow the rules of the road including the legal use of seat belts.
    • avoid being alone with one participant.
    • put passengers in the back seat.
    • have central drop off locations.
    • seek parental permission to transport an individual participant on a regular basis and clearly state times of pick- up and drop off. Parents should check with young people about the plans and be happy with the transport arrangements.
  3. General Supervision Guidance

    Make sure there is an adequate adult to child ratio. Leaders should always try to have more than one adult present. The number of adults required will depend on the nature of the activity, the age of the participants and any special needs of the group. As a guide a ratio of 1:8 for under 12 years of age and 1:10 for participants over 12 years of age is advised. This is only a guide and will change depending on the circumstances, e.g. water sports or adventure sports, athletes with special needs or away trips.

    Where there are mixed groups there should be leaders of both genders.

    Leaders should avoid being alone with a single individual. If a Leader needs to talk separately, it should be done in an open environment, in view of others.

    In changing rooms, ask parents to take responsibility and supervise in pairs of appropriate gender. Leaders should not need to enter the changing rooms unless children are very young or need special assistance, where supervision should be in pairs of appropriate gender.

    Clearly state time for start and end of training sessions or competitions. Leaders should not be left alone with young people at the end of sessions. If there are late collections Leaders should remain in pairs until all participants have left.

    Leaders should keep attendance records and record of any incidents or injuries that arise.

    Leaders should ask parents to stay at training sessions or at competition where possible and involve them in the activities of their child where appropriate.

  4. Overnight & Away Trips

    At residential events the following rules shall apply:

    • Separate permission forms shall be signed by parents and participants containing emergency contact details and details of any special medical conditions or allergies that may be pertinent to the maintained well being of the participant.
    • The Team Manager shall make a written report to the National Committee of the Irish Amateur Archery Association on returning home.
    • A meeting should be convened with parents and participants to communicate travel times, competition details, other activities, gear requirements, medical requirements, special dietary needs and any other necessary details.
    • Adults should not share rooms with children. This rule also applies to Junior teams where the legal age of adulthood may preceded that defining the end of their status as a Junior for competitions. i.e. an 18 year old cannot share a room with a 17 year old participant.
    • Adults must not enter a player’s room without first knocking
    • All group socialisation must take place in communal areas (i.e. no boys in girls’ rooms and vice versa).
    • Alcoholic drink, smoking or other illegal substances are strictly forbidden to players. Leaders should act as role models in this respect.
    • The behaviour of the group should at all times be such that the good name of Irish Amateur Archery Association is upheld.
    • There must be at least one authorised adult of each gender with a mixed party.
    • Lights out times should be enforced
    • Young players must be under reasonable supervision at all times and must never be allowed to leave the accommodation or the sports hall without prior permission and must never be allowed to do so unaccompanied.
    • Coaches Leaders and volunteers asked to travel with the group in a supervisory capacity must sign up for each trip.
    • Parents of children on a team should not be asked to accept group responsibilities.
    • Parents must sign an agreement that their children will abide by the rules laid down.
    • Young children must sign a behaviour agreement.
    • There must be proper and appropriate access to medical personnel.
    • In the case of injury a brief record should be made of the cause, the nature and the action taken.
    • In the case of behavioural problems a brief record should be made of the problem, the action taken and the outcome and a report should be submitted after the individual has returned home.