Club Competition Info

Dundrum Archers runs a Dartchery League during the indoor season. Dartchery is Darts with a bow and arrow, where all archers of different abilities and bow styles get the chance to compete against each other and see who can do better.

Archers shoot at an 80cm dart board face, placed at 10m, 14m and 18m depending on experience. The idea is to shoot from 1 – 20, semi bull and bulls eye to finish with 24 arrows. Compound archers can only use the segments inside the triples. Slighted recurve can use the entire target. Bare bow,  long bow and instinctive can use the entire target, but get the advantage of jumping two on the doubles and three on the triples.

It is held on the last Thursday of every month (where possible). Besides the competitive aspect it also changes the focus and is a lot more fun than shooting at the same spot all the time.


The results are here