How the Club Runs

How Dundrum Archers Club Works

Dundrum Archers Archery club is entirely run by voluntary staff. We have 2 qualified level-0 coaches in the club and arrange for more experienced coaches run the advanced courses.

The Club is affiliated with Archery Ireland, which is the national governing body for archery on the island of Ireland. Archery Ireland provides insurance, rules and governance for Dundrum Archers, and affiliates with World Archery, which is the International governing body for archery.

Archery Ireland organises national training and Irish squad-training through the technical committee. They organise tutor- and coach-training through the Coach Education Officer and tutors. They set standards and are responsible for developing the sport in the country.


Archery Ireland:


Progressing as an Archer

In the club we use the FITA award system to progress archers through their first couple of years in Archery.

Extract from the FITA awards booklet:

To the Beginner Archers:

Congratulations for taking Archery!

Their are 7 levels of the FITA Beginner Awards Program. It will help you to develop your general shooting skills, knowledge of archery and performance. Your progress will be encouraged and awarded with the gain of the FITA Beginner Award pins.

After the completion of the Entry level program, you will be encouraged in taking part in some FITA tournaments, through which you will be allowed to win other FITA awards specific to each archery discipline.

FITA wishes you a life of enjoyment within the world archery family.

The FITA Beginners Awards Program at a glance

The FITA Beginners Awards Program has been designed to be implemented in all countries of the Word at any time; incorporating Indoor and Outdoor disciplines. Up to seven awards lead the novice:

  • from a very short shooting distance – 6 to 10 meters, which is dependant on age;
  • to the shortest Indoor distance – 18 meters, but on a bigger target face than the FITA official one for this distance;
  • and even further – close to first FITA Outdoor distance on an 80 cm target face, which is 30 meters.

This process is not only based on score, since skills and knowledge – know-how is also assessed; hence the main goal of the FITA Beginners Awards program (BAP) is the archer’s education as a whole.


For those archers wishing to be competitive we run squad training. We run advancement courses to bring people up to the standard that will be required of them at squad level.

Junior Squads

We also run squad training for progressive Junior archers. This is a more inclusive approach and will accept all juniors willing to put in the work, no matter what level they are at.

Processes of progressing as an Officer or Coach

Progress as an Officer in the club

Every year the club holds its AGM to elect its committee. We usually hold the AGM in February. The committee currently consists of a president, a secretary, a treasurer, a safety officer and an equipment officer. The committee is responsible for the direction the club takes and making the major decisions for the club. The Committee also appoints the other officer positions within the club. These positions include: the Childrens Officer; the Designated Person; the Vetting Officer; the Coach-co-ordinator; the Club Judge and the Public Relations Officer.

The members of the club are asked to put themselves forward for the non-committee officer positions. The committee needs to interview these members to see if they are suitable for the job and appoints the person with the most necessary skills for the position.

Progression as a coach

The biggest demand for personal in the club is in coaching. The more coaches in the club the more the coaching jobs can be spread around the club, not always putting all the work on a few people. Coaching-courses are run by Archery Ireland tutors over a full weekend, they cost €200 which the club pays. In return the coaches are expected to coach a set number of courses through the year.

Info on entering the coaching-course from Archery Ireland

“Introduction to Coaching” Courses

Entrance to the Coaching Course is based upon nomination by an individual I.A.A.A. club. The following criteria must also be met. The candidate should have: Completed a beginner’s course in archery with a recognised Archery Ireland club. Minimum of one year’s membership of Archery Ireland. and a working knowledge of archery basics and technique.

Skill level necessary to achieve a 200 point score on a 40cm FITA target face at 18m, shooting 30 consecutive arrows. Candidates will also be expected to abide by Archery Ireland’s Code of Conduct in Archery and the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport in Ireland.

The candidate should also be:

  • A minimum of 18 years of age
  • Proposed and recommended by two officers signatory to the club.

Note: Clubs should only recommend those who are interested in coaching or wish to become involved in coaching. Clubs should only recommend those who are in compliance with all of the above criteria. Exceptions to the above rule will only be entertained upon written application to the Executive.