Long Term Goals and Objectives


We aim to keep providing entry to archery courses and building the membership. We do not plan to be the biggest club in the country, but we do want to be one of the best, where archers from any club and of any bow style can come to shoot arrows in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment.


As we are still a young club, we are looking to progress and develop the existing members to a point where we can form a group of regular competitive archers.

Longer term

The long term aim of the club is to advance archery in Ireland by leasing or buying land where we can develop a permanent outdoor range where archers from any Archery Ireland club can practice and compete all year around. We are also working with Archery Ireland and Coaching Ireland to reintroduce competitive cross bow archery into our club. If we are successful we will be the first club in the country to teach and shoot cross bow.